The Wine Cellar

Run with devotion by our Sommelier Francesco Marchetti, the wine cellar offers a selection of over 100 different wine labels from Umbria, Italy and throughout the world.

Thanks to modern draughting systems, it is now possible to savour many labels by the glass without the wine losing any of its original characteristics.

A passion for wine that encompasses all aspects of enjoying your food. A passion for tradition that never ceases to offer new and pleasurable surprises…

Try some of the world’s finest labels in unusual combinations such as with chocolate or cigars from Italy, Holland Denmark or Cuba.

Our wine cellar also includes a broad selection of grappas and whiskys.

And don’t forget our dazzling selection of extra virgin olive oils from Umbria’s finest growers.

Our wine bar is the ideal venue to relax and have a chat, to the background music of our pianist.

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