Quality Restaurant

In the words of its manager Francesco Marchetti, the “Dal Moro Gallery Restaurant di Assisi has chosen quality as its main goal”.

And quality entails many different things in a restaurant:
a] The menu well displayed outside the restaurant, clearly illustrating the various dishes and their prices.
b] Offering clients a menu for the food and a separate wine list, in which the restaurant’s dishes are described clearly and prices are well visible and easily understandable.
c] A perfectly clean and tidy dining room, with the cutlery, linen, glasses and dishes always in perfect condition.
d] Trained staff that is easily identifiable in terms of dress.
e] We accept all main credit cards.
f] Clean and constantly refreshed toilets.
g] Ladies and Gents bathrooms with washbasin areas.
h] All ingredients used in the preparation of the dishes listed on the menu are of prime quality and of certified provenance.
i] The restaurant observes Haccp regulations on food safety and legislation 626 on safety in work places. All the kitchen equipment and cooking areas undergo all the necessary hygiene and safety processes.
l] The client receives a clear and detailed bill at the end of his or her meal.

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