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Strategically placed within easy reach of Assisi and in full view of the dome of the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, the Dal Moro Gallery Restaurant is run by a team of talented young chefs who excel in creativity and imagination. Our cuisine combines the freshest ingredients into complex but clearly defined dishes that are nonetheless remarkably light and enjoyable.

What is the secret of the Dal Moro Gallery Restaurant’s unique dishes?
a] rigorously selected ingredients;
b] select oils used appropriately for each individual dish;
c] select meats from local farmers who rear their cattle according to organic methods;
d] flour exclusively from arable plantations that have not been treated with fertilisers or insecticides;
e] home made bread with an assortment of extra ingredients for added taste, such as olives, sesame, cheeses etc.. Baked every day fresh by our chefs;
f] home made fresh pasta;
g] only local truffles and mushrooms;
h] only locally grown wild salads;
i] all our desserts are home made by our chefs;

Choose the Dal Moro Gallery Restaurant di Assisi!

Although elegant and refined, our venue has lost none of the intimate, family run feel that characterises the whole hotel and its management philosophy. A chance to escape the routine of everyday life and try new tastes, exploring contemporary culinary creativity.

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