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Situated on the grounds of a small, picturesque family farm at the foot of the beautiful, rustic Umbrian Hills, La Torretta is a small gem of a hotel.

The property is bordered by a small river running along its western border, and opens onto a vast expanse of land offering a breath-taking panoramic view of the hills and countryside, making this a perfect place for leisurely walks at sunset, after dinner, or even under a moonlit sky.

Because "La Torretta" is in the quiet of the country, your sleeping will be not disturbed by the sounds of city traffic or noise and you will wake up by the birds who welcome the coming day.

Via del Ponte nr 1 - Petrignano
Assisi - Italy
Tel. +39 075 8038778
Fax +39 075 8039474
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..Itís the comfort and warmth of home in the verdant heart of Italy