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ASSISI General information - Local opening times


Italy is six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the USA and Canada. Daylight saving time in Italy goes into effect each year usually from the end of March to the middle of October.


Banks are generally open Monday through Friday from 8.35am to 1.35pm and from 3 - 4pm; in many tourist areas they are open non-stop from 830am. to 4pm and closed all day on Saturday and Sunday and on national holidays.Some banks also open in the afternoon.


The new monetary currency is the Euro which is divided as follows: bills of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500; coins of 1, 2, 5, 10 Euros, 20 and 50 cents.
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Assisi - Largo Properzio, 4 Tel. +39 (0)758190711 Fax +39 (0)75813409 is open 8 am-6.30pm Monday-Saturday.

Assisi - via San Pietro 4/a Tel. +39 (0)75815178 is open 8am-1.30pm  Monday-Saturday.

S. Maria degli Angeli - Via Los Angeles Tel. +39 (0)758044280 Fax +39 (0)758041288 is open 8am-6.30pm  Monday-Saturday.

Petrignano di Assisi - Via Decio Costanzi Tel. +39 (0)758039977 Fax +39 (0)758039863 is open 8am-1.30pm  Monday-Saturday.

Palazzo di Assisi - Via Michelangelo, 9 Tel. +39 (0)75 8037021 Fax +39 (0)758037114 is open 8am-1.30pm  Monday- Saturday.

Rivotorto di Assisi - Via Monte Subasio, 1 Tel. +39 (0)75 8064841 Fax +39 (0)758064083 is open 8am-1.30pm Monday-Saturday.

Castelnuovo di Assisi - Via delle Fonti Tel. +39 (0)758043071 is open 8am-1.30pm Monday-Saturday.

Viole di Assisi - Via Assisana, 37/c Tel. +39 (0)758064639 Fax +39 (0)758065225 is open 8am-1.30pm Monday-Saturday.

Tordandrea - Piazza dei Caduti, 85 Tel. +39 (0)758043497 Fax +39 (0)758044279 is open 8am-1.30pm Monday-Saturday.

If you want stamps, you can buy them in tabacchi too, they will often also weigh your letter.


Please see our Shopping section.


Generally, churches and sanctuaries are open to visits every day from 6.30/7.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00/14.30 until sunset. Exceptions:
  • The Basilica of S. Francesco, which in the period of April - October remains open from dawn until sunset;
  • The Eremo delle Carceri, which is open during all year from the start of summer – time until October, 4th from 6.30 to 19.30 and beginning with October, 5th until the end of normal time from 6.30 to 17.00.
Visits are not allowed:
  • In the Basilica of S. Francesco on Sunday mornings;
  • in the Sanctuary of S. Damiano before 10.00 and after 18.00;
  • in all other churches during services.

Some churches operate a very strict dress code - strappy sundresses, tank tops, shorts and miniskirts are not considered respectable clothing. The solution for women is simple - carry a large but lightweight wrap to put round your shoulders. Men will either have to wear long trousers and suffer the heat, or do their church visiting (in long trousers) in the relative cool of the morning and change clothes after visiting.

Opening and closing hours of the mechanical staircase leading from parking B (P.ta Nuova – Zona Borgo Aretino) to P.ta Nuova (only way up):
From Holy Week until Monday after All Saints: 7.00 – 23.00
During the rest of the year: 7.00 – 21.00


Museums, monuments and archeological sites are usually closed on Sunday afternoons and all day Monday. Their opening follow two patterns:

Tuesday-Saturday, 9am-7pm in summer, and 9am-5pm the rest of the year; or 9am-2pm (Sundays until 1pm). These given hours should be considered mere guidelines.


Petrol stations on the motorway are usually open ali day except on Sunday when many (but not all) close. Other stations are open 7.30am-12.30pm and again from 3.30-7pm, Monday-Friday. Some are closed on Saturday and most on Sunday.

Try to drive on a full tank at the weekend, and always keep a supply of several crisp 10 or 50 Euro notes handy to use in automatic petrol machines at self-service filling stations (Aperto 24 Ore- open 24 hours). If your notes are badly crumpled, the machine may not accept them.

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