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ASSISI Transport in town - Parking (others)

The MOJANO Assisi Parking is spread over three levels plus a level for services and the shopping mall.
The rectangular design of the parking covers a gross area of 3000 sqm., with each level offering roughly 100 parking places for a total capacity of 299 places.

The basement LEVEL ONE holds 95 parked cars, while LEVEL TWO has a capacity of 102 places and the THIRD LEVEL ENTRANCE and EXIT POINT can hold a total of 102 parked cars.

On LEVEL FOUR – SHOPPING MALL you will find:
- automatic and manned cash tills,
- the parking control room,
- public lavatories,
- staff lavatories,
- a client information area,
- a shopping mall covering an area of 235 sqm., with the bar il MOJANO Cafè for pizza and the MOJANO Shopping Gallery with a range of typical local produce, souvenirs, tourist guides and other goods, etc.

Town Centre Parking possibilities free, 1h limit with hour disk

S. Francesco - Via S. Francesco
S. Pietro - Via Borgo S. Pietro
Via Cristofani
S.Maria Maggiore - Vescovado
S. Chiara - Via Borgo Aretino
Via S. Gabriele dell’Addolorata
Via Alessi
Rocca Maggiore - Via della Rocca
Via S. Paolo

Parking areas outside the town-walls

Porta Nuova Parking*
Porta Nuova Parking*
San Francesco, S. Franceso (with fare, 64 places)
P.ta S. Pietro, Unità d’Italia (with fare, 106 places)
Borgo Aretino, P.ta Nuova (with fare, 142 places)
Cattedrale S. Rufino, Matteotti (with fare, 390 places)
S. Chiara, P.ta Moiano (with fare, 100 places)
San Francesco - P.ta S. Giacomo, viale Albornoz (free - no limits, 200 places)


(*) Opening and closing hours of the mechanical staircase leading from parking B (P.ta Nuova – Zona Borgo Aretino) to P.ta Nuova (only way up): From Holy Week until Monday after All Saints: 7.00 – 23.00, During the rest of the year: 7.00 – 21.00

Parking sites for buses and motorhomes
P.ta S. Pietro - Unità d’Italia (with fare, 10 places)
Borgo Aretino - P.ta Nuova (with fare, 24 places)
P.ta Moiano (with fare)
Via Albornoz (free)
P.te S. Vetturino (free)
Cannara - Parco XXV Aprile, Parking site, equipped for motorhomes

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