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Thursday 24 April 2014
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Shopping ad AssisiDiscover the main shopping streets and squares in Assisi.
A virtual stroll past some of the city's smartest shop windows. Find brands, typical products, trendy bars, clubs and more with just a click of your mouse...

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Pic Nic FAI in the Woods of St. Francis
After the great success enjoyed in the past, this year the FAI - Italian Environmental Fund offers a special way to spend the holidays in the spring. On the occasion of Liberation Day, Friday, April 25, from 10 to 19, the Wood will be provided in all its pristine beauty for a picnic in nature: an original way to celebrate with family and friends. Glades, olive groves, the undergrowth and the picnic area will be the perfect place to spread a tablecloth and a picnic like old times. It will be ......[more]

The Mysteries Saints. The CRIB PASQUALE to PORZIUNCOLA
Papal Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels in Portiuncula Museum of the Portiuncula 8 March to 27 April 2014 Since St. Francis of Assisi created the first Christmas crib at Greccio in 1223, the representations of the Nativity of Jesus Christ everywhere developed in order to revive the Christian faith. His own expression, with which he accompanied this intuition, is emblematic of its purpose: "I want to represent the Child born in Bethlehem, and in some way see with our bodily eyes the ......[more]

Fulvio Di Gloria. The Crosses of Light. Museum of the Portiuncula. Old Convent.
March 8-April 27, 2014. Exhibition "The Crosses of Light," presented for the first time in Rome, in the Basilica of St. Mark's Square in Venice, and subsequently exposed to the summer of 2012 in the rooms of the Mother Church of the Oratory Pantelleria, comes these days in Assisi, at the Museum of the Portiuncula, where, starting from eight March next, will host the 16 crosses made by Fulvio Di Gloria, inspired by passages in Genesis and the figure of the Holy Trinity. The ......[more]

Silentium Assisi - Sacred Music in the Wood of St. Francis
Saturday 19, April 26 and May 3, 2014, at 19.30, the Bosco di San Francesco, Well FAI - Italian Environmental Fund Assisi (PG), will be the scene of "Silentium", three evenings - organized in collaboration with the Association AssisiSuonoSacro Francis Morley and the Conservatory of Perugia - in the name of sacred music and readings in the charming medieval church of Santa Croce, within the Forest. "Silentium" is presented as a series of concerts to be held sacred in the ......[more]

May Day 2014
From 08 to 10 May in Assisi is celebrated in the spring by one of the most beautiful festivals and take part of Umbria. Processions, theater, vocal and instrumental performances, dances, performances of archers, crossbowmen and enliven the challenge medieval flag-wavers between the two factions, "Upper Part" and "Lower Part", which divides the city of Assisi. www.calendimaggiodiassisi.it ...[more]

AND YOU what has to do? Meetings on issues of justice, peace and integrity of creation
Shrine of the Portiuncula, Hall of Refettorietto. March to May 2014 16:00 JPIC Commission of the Franciscan family of Umbria, formed by the Friars Minor, the Franciscan Youth and the 'Secular Franciscan Order, met and drew up a proposal for training for all those people interested in better understanding what we are experiencing in our world and particularly in the Italian society. There are many challenges that the reality in which we live presents us many times and our approach is ......[more]

Healthy body in healthy forest
Saturday 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 May at 8.30 am, the Bosco di San Francesco, Well FAI - Italian Environmental Fund Assisi (PG), awaits visitors to a series of lectures on Yoga disciplines in Complex Benedictine Santa Cross, located within the Forest. Yoga, through the integration of Body, Mind and Spirit, tends to union between the individual and the universe, between the micro and the macrocosm; morning practice inside the forest will therefore be a unique opportunity to connect with the highest ......[more]

Clare of God - The Musical
It opened on the tenth season of "Clare of God" in Assisi at the Teatro Metastasio (performances every Saturday at 21.30 and representations midweek on request for groups) musical that is one of the few examples in Italy of the show on a permanent basis for so long . The show completely dedicated to the life and the life of St. Clare next to St. Francis is written and directed by Carlo Tedeschi, who will use the historical Franciscan Sources, brings out the humanity and the relevance ......[more]

The shape of the story, and Art in the Second Vatican Council - View of Vincent Crocetti
Venanzo Crocetti will be on display at the Pro Civitate Christiana of Assisi until June 30, at the Gallery of Contemporary Art, "the form of the story, and art in Second Vatican Council." On the occasion of the centenary of the birth and death of the decade Venanzo Crocetti, and part of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council, the exhibition intends to present one of the most significant artists, and art history of the 900, both the relationship between ......[more]

Visits with the manager at Bosco di San Francesco
In the green of the Forest of Saint Francis in Assisi continues from April to September 2014, an interesting series of "visits with the Director", organized by the FAI - Italian Environmental Fund, to raise awareness and visitors of all ages to enjoy this gorgeous example of Italian rural landscape of 64 hectares in the province of Perugia. Every Saturday at 15.30 and Sunday at 11 am, will again be possible to participate in engaging guided tours that will see Luke Chiarini, Property ......[more]

Clare of God
Assisi, Teatro Metastasio Throughout the 2014 stage musical "Chiara of God." The show completely dedicated to the life and the life of St. Clare next to St. Francis is written and directed by Carlo Tedeschi, who will use the historical Franciscan Sources, brings out the humanity and the relevance of these two young people, an example for the kids today despite the passage of eight centuries. In its reissue new effects through the viewer will be able to see Clare and Francis ......[more]

Air Shots of the Old Town Centre of Assisi
Assisi (Pg). Areal shots of the old town centre of Assisi, with wide angle views of places of interest such as St Francis', Piazza Superiore San Francesco, the Sacro Convento, the Museo della Basilica di San Francesco - Tesoro and the Collezione Perkins. Views also of the Rocca Maggiore. Watch the video!...[more]

Trasimeno Lake
LAKE TRASIMENE - The best selection of fish restaurants in Umbria. Specialised in cooking fresh water fish, the restaurants around the Lago Trasimeno offer you unique dishes such as carp cooked over a wood fire or tegamaccio, a fish soup made using all the types of fish from Lake Trasimene stewed in the best olive oil, white wine and herbs.
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4th OCTOBER, Feast of San Francesco of Assisi
Assisi Online 4th OCTOBER, Feast of San Francesco of Assisi. National celebration in honour of Saint Francis, the Patron Saint of Italy - Religious services in the Basilica of San Francesco and the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli. Download Programme and print the file.
Italian Language School for foreigners
Assisi Online It is almost inevitable to visit Perugia [Chief-town of Umbria], near Assisi, at least once in your life. For its works of art, its history, its cities Assisi - Spoleto - Gubbio - Spello - Trevi - Foligno - Lake Trasimeno, its nature, its unique atmosphere and, of course, to learn the italian language ...
Holiday Farm and Resort near Perugia and Assisi
Assisi Online
Special locations near Assisi and Perugia offers a broad range of accommodation to suit every need ...
Holiday Farm near Perugia and Historic Residence - Resort and Banqueting in Assisi area ... [ Visit Website ]
Shopping in the historic centre of Assisi in the the main shopping streets and squares of Santa Maria degli Angeli
Assisi Online Discover the main shopping streets and squares in Assisi to make SHOPPING easier. A virtual stroll past some of the city's smartest shop windows. Find Souvenirs shop, Shops, Brands, Typical products, trendy Bars, Clubs, Disco, Pubs and more with just a click of your mouse ...
Golfing holidays
Assisi Online Golf & Art in Assisi: what could be better than a golfing holiday? Golf is a fast-growing sport in Italy, Umbria is an unexpected Golfers paradise. Take a look !

Park of Colfiorito
Assisi Online The system of the tablelands of Colfiorito has an extension of approximately 50 km and its seven basins lie on levels between 750 and 800 meter of height. The most important Karst-phaenomenon of the Colfiorito-moor is the Karst-pit of the Molinaccio. The moor-vegetation grows in characteristic concentric belts. The moor is an important halt for migratory aquatic birds such as herons, bitterns, wild ducks.
Perugino exhibition and the Porziuncola chapel in Santa Maria degli Angeli - Assisi
Assisi Online
Assisi loc. S. Maria degli Angeli (Pg).
The Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli contains an important work by the Umbrian painter. This is the Crucifixion, what remains of a large Crucifixion that once decorated the simple choir of the Porziuncola chapel, built in 1485. Outskirts of Assisi visit the town of Bettona, Montefalco and Spello also, ... [continues]

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4th OCTOBER, Feast of San Francesco of Assisi 
Italian Language School for foreigners 
Holiday Farm and Resort near Perugia and Assisi 
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Perugino exhibition and the Porziuncola chapel in Santa Maria degli Angeli - Assisi 

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